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Safeway discrimination
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Safeway Discrimination

What pushed me over the edge to activate this page is the rollout of Safeway stores new discrimination and tracking program "just for U" which will start the long predicted and planned discrimination that every shopper will get a differrent price for each item they purchase based on their worthiness as determined by Safeway.

I am gathering information and documentation of the pattern of discrimination By Safeway. I already have chilling stories and information. It will be added as time permits. Please come back soon and get on my mailing list for update notification.

One thing is clear Safeway discriminates against Jews and conservative Christian who do not want to take the Mark of Safeway as they shop. This is proof that they are trying to strongarm shoppers into let them know about their personal religious beliefs.

“We really screwed up on that one”--Safeway (read More) 

Part 1: Hey Safeway, what are you hiding? (see blog entry click here)

An open letter to Safeway. (click here)

The Mark of Safeway rolls out. (click here)

The Dictionary Definition of Discrimination.

FAQs from nocards.org regarding supermarket tracking cards.

Essays about shopper tracking cards by No Cards Shoppers.

Laugh and learn - this consumer rebellion
takes the form of an artful parody.

Katherine Albrechts tour of the Metro Store the prototype of the just for U model of personalized discrimination.

Theme song for the shopper card resistance.